General Building Equipment

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Fire Point Trolley
from just £35.24
Two extinguishers (one powder and one foam), fire blanket and fire bucket mounted on a mobile tro..
Trench Covers GRP - (Max 500kg)
from just £15.68
Range of GRP trench plates to cover all applications. ..
Tar Boiler
from just £58.73
Heavy-gauge steel boiler for rapid heating of bitumen for roofing, roadworks and general building..
Skip Ramps
from just £19.59
Perfect for loading wheel barrows into skips, trucks & trailors. Fitted with a load fast devi..
Gas Cage
from just £46.99
A robust, versatile gas cage, designed for safely storing hazardous or dangerous materials and ga..
Double Glass Sucker
from just £14.60
2 Cup glass sucker with individual suction control, perfect for safely carrying, lifting and posi..
Radio Set - Two Way
from just £25.05
These lightweight, hand-held ‘walkie-talkies’ can help improve both site safety and efficiency. I..
Zip Wall Props
from just £10.96
Need to create a dust free screen or partition to protect people ? Then these zip wall props are ..
Bolt Croppers
from just £17.24
Bolt croppers. ..
from just £7.83
All steel construction heavy duty wheelbarrow. Perfect for DIY and building site use. ..
Tyrolean Rough-Cast Applicator
from just £19.59
A hand-operated machine that makes it simple to give a roughcast, or textured finish to wall when..
Rubbish Chutes
from just £9.41
Our heavy duty plastic rubbish chutes are designed to with stand abrasion and heavy impacts makin..
Flame Gun - Double Head
from just £19.26
Propane gas powered blow torche complete with hose and regulator. Gas available on sale ..
Sledge Hammer
from just £8.61
Shuv Holer
from just £20.08
The traditional post hole digger, ideal for fencing jobs which are too small to justify using a p..