Barriers & Panels

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Heras Fence Panel 3.5m
from just £5.54
For instant protection to a building site or premises with tools and materials lying around, thes..
Vehicle Gate - 2 Section
from just £13.06
To provide vehicle access to secured building sites or premises. The heras vehicle gate consists ..
Crowd Control Barrier - 2.5m
from just £10.02
Designed for easy rapid installation, these metal barriers are ideal for safe management of pede..
Pro Barrier
from just £11.75
These 2 metre long guard barriers are excellant for placing around temporary roadworks, groundwor..
Water Traffic Seperators
from just £15.68
Useful for traffic control on building sites, roadworks and events. The 1m long units link togeth..
Pedestrian Gate
from just £7.83
To provide pedestrian access to the secured building site or premises. The heras pedestrian gate ..